Wear Your Wonder

All About The Wonder

Every one has a  unique journey in life ~ trials, tribulations, experiences along the way.

Always, I've found myself, as an introvert, spending much time in thought, often writing poetry, or journaling, more eloquently than I could ever speak. Throughout my childhood, and to this day, I've earned a reputation as a dreamer. Daydreaming, planning, pondering, really taking in the sensory experiences this world has to offer.

 I adore getting lost in antique shops, breathing in the past, and wandering muddy shoreline in search of fragments of sea glass and pottery. I even dream about beachcombing (a few bejeweled beaches recur- imagine the disappointment when I wake), dream of finding closets containing long forgotten toys from my youth. 

Wandering in the woods amongst the towering hemlocks and moss, it feels a very real possibility that just around the next bend, may lie a faerie grove, or gnomes in little, pointed red hats. Imagination is life.

The element of discovery, of wonder at this world, guides me in all that I do. Each piece of jewelry I create has its own story to tell. And each has a person with whom that story resonates.

Whether my workbench is covered in sparkling crystals, broken china recovered from 18th-19th century waterfront dumping grounds, antique skeleton keys or shells from faraway beaches, it always comes back to wonder.