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Starbright Aura Quartz Copper Ring

Starbright Aura Quartz Copper Ring

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Harness the power of the moon with this enchanted crescent ring. Inspired by the sprites of the night, those giggling, dancing fairies that traffic in moonlight and star shine, this hand wrapped ring will add a kiss of magic to your day. An aura quartz crescent moon is captured in copper, resulting in a constantly shifting, shimmering kaleidoscope of golden, blue, and pink hues. 

Each ring spends many hours, luxuriating in an electroforming bath. When it is done, the aura quartz moon is securely nestled in a beautiful frame of copper. The copper is treated with a combination of wax and clear acrylic to prevent oxidation and protect your skin, as well. 

Each moon ring is custom handmade with the following delightful details: 

Face of ring: 1" x .75" 
Choose ring size in options.

~*Please expect minor variations as the organic nature of electroforming creates one-of-a-kind designs, though in the same thread, each time. *~