Wear Your Wonder

About the Artist

Sarah is a self-taught jewelry artist and nature fanatic, living on the coast of Maine. She shares a warm, bright log home with her family, surrounded by beauty.

As a teenager, Sarah learned basic jewelry skills from a family friend.
In college, circa 2003, she began wrapping gemstones.
Always a collector, awed by the beauty of nature, she soon began to incorporate found materials into her jewelry: twigs, shells, pebbles, sea glass.

From there, collections grew and grew. Themes, over the years, have ranged from faerie gardens to Little Red Riding Hood, sirens to selkies, enchanted forests to an autumn day in the 1800s, and so much more. 

These days, Sarah specializes in wire wrapped, Victorian, Steampunk and Nature inspired jewelry.

She finds inspiration in skeletal winter trees against sunset skies, lichens, islands, quiet moments, stories, the hues of the sea...Each piece of jewelry she creates is a one of a kind expression, which will take you on a journey, to another place or time.  Part art, part artifact, her designs intend to capture the intangible and inspire a sense of wonder.