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Moon Over Fairyland Goddesses Gathering Necklace

Moon Over Fairyland Goddesses Gathering Necklace

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Harness the power of the moon with this enchanted crescent pendant. Inspired by the sprites of the night, those giggling, dancing fairies that traffic in moonlight and star shine, this copper adorned pendant will add a kiss of magic to your day.

An aura quartz crescent moon is captured in copper, resulting in a constantly shifting, shimmering kaleidoscope of golden, blue, and pink hues. Adorned with a  teal sea glass gem from Puerto Rico. 

This pendant was created using the process of electroforming, strategically plated with copper over hours and hours to develop an intentionally organic, earthy setting for the aura quartz moon. 

Let your inner goddess glow, in this pendant!

Pendant measures 2" x 1.25"

Chain length: 18" default, request other lengths at checkout.