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Red Maine Sea Glass Necklace

Red Maine Sea Glass Necklace

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Amongst the rarest of sea glass gems, this red jewel of the sea, harvested from Maine waters, is fit to adorn the crown of a Mermaid Queen. 

Natural sea glass is created when fragments of yesteryear are tossed and tumbled in the waves for many years, smoothed and sculpted by time.

Pendant measures 1.75" x 1" 

Chain is custom length.

Request your preferred length at checkout.

If no request is made, this pendant will be presented on an 18" chain.


*This beauty's glow is accented by a touch of coconut oil. For a frostier finish, simply wash with soapy water. To maintain the glow, from time to time, less than a touch of coconut or mineral oil is all you need.