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Ruby & Lilac Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace

Ruby & Lilac Aura Quartz Crystal Necklace

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"After traversing for immeasurable moments, all sense of time and space lost, the damp, dark tunnel abruptly opened into a vast cavern. Illumination by lamplight revealed glittering crystals within crystals, rainbow iridescence left no facet unadorned..."

Aura quartz is created when clear crystal quartz is super heated in a vacuum and infused with precious metals, forming a permanent bond with the surface of the quartz crystal. 

In the metaphysical realm, aura quartz is known to bring a peaceful feeling to the wearer, support positive, loving energy levels & dispel the negative, to support meditation, and to assist in communication with spirit & angel guides. 

This pendant was created using the process of electroforming, strategically plated with copper over hours and hours to develop an intentionally organic, earthy setting for the aura quartz crystal. 

Pendant measures 2" x 1"

Chain length: 18" default, request other lengths at checkout. Also indicate heavier or finer chain option.

*Copper is protected with a clear finish to resist oxidation, and protect the wearer.