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Turquoise Teal Sea Glass Ring

Turquoise Teal Sea Glass Ring

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Embrace your inner siren when you drape yourself in their finest antiqued copper. Deep below the cresting waves of the Pacific, Caribbean, and the Atlantic, live mythical mermaids who scour the sands for gems. Once found, these gems are plucked from the waves and then procured by my studio where I embellish them with copper to offer a striking piece of statement jewelry.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes, each sea glass ring is uniquely designed with modern, rustic style in mind. The result is a sea glass ring that appears to glow with the otherworldly magic of the sea realm.

Each ring spends many hours, luxuriating in an electroforming bath. When it is done, the sea glass is securely nestled in a beautiful frame of copper. The copper is treated with a combination of wax and clear acrylic to prevent oxidation and protect your skin, as well. 

Ring size 8

Crown of ring measures .5" x .5"